Romanian Point Lace Trends

When you think about an antique lace making technique like Crochet, Irish Lace, Battenburg, etc…. it is very important to not only keep the craft going and to pass it on. It is crucial to evolve and update it, including … Read More

Yup Guilty….. Thread hoarder

Yup, GUILTY….   When your job title is fashion designer, and you are surrounded all day with fabrics, threads, yarns, etc….. it can go in two directions…. One you do not touch it at home and stay away, OR   you … Read More

Inspiration Monday-Lace Architecture

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Lace Architecture…. Lace is great on the body, elegant, sensual, sophisticated and unique – it makes us feel beautiful, well lace to me has the same affect in the world of architecture. All over the world lace has a unique … Read More

Contact Us – Romanian Point Lace 3D Flowers

  FLOWERS….. Flowers…. pretty much they are lovely and bring a lot of joy! People wear them in the hair, put them in a vase, ME, I love to illustrate them quite a lot and of course I love to … Read More

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