My favourite Art Supplies

My Fav Art SuppliesĀ 


When it comes to art, I think it;s best if you try a lot of different brands out and make sure your hands are getting used to a lot of different pencils, brushes, colours, etc…. Try, try , try and for an opinion.

I studied art and when you do that you kinda work with so many brands and in this time of learning you form your opinion on art supplies.

Being half German I guess it made it easier and I did not have to trial and arrow my way into the art supplies world! I grew up using Faber-Castell and Stabilo as well as Pelikan , etc…

The other half being Romanian I grew up colouring with colour wheels. In Eastern Europe it;s the way to go, and I can only recommend Koh- I-Noor Brand from CZ.


What are you fav art supplies?