My Top Ten- Fashion Designers

My Top Ten…. Fashion Designers….   You might know that I studied fashion design and so talking and learning about designers was a must. Not only that you learn to know about different styles and building a brand, you discover … Read More

Pantone Colours 2017

Pantone Colours 2017   Yes it;s time to talk colours – Pantone Colours for S/S 2107 ( Spring/Summer) Maybe you heard that the top colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery! So what does it mean for us, it means we … Read More

The Romanian Box ….

The Romanian Box…. It’s  time to yarn party!  Ink & Lace is proud to announce a wonderful collaboration with Mislet & Dandellie. I had the pleasure to create a one of a kind vibrant and colourful crochet blouse, inspired by … Read More

Art of the day- Year of the Rooster

Are you a Rooster? Roosters, that’s how people in China are called, if they are born in the year of the Rooster. If you are born in January or February you are a Rooster! Year of the Rooster…..1933, 1945, 1957, … Read More

My top Ten – Fashion Trends 2017

  My Top Ten – Fashion Trends 2017    When it comes to fashion 2017 is exiting! We dive into asymmetric designs, large sleeves and disproportional outfits.   So let;s get started! Top trends for 2017 – STRIPES!  -BRA TOPS!  … Read More

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