Adult colouring….. it;s not only a trend I hope so….

Adult colouring is about finding the time to relax, to battle with insomnia, with anxiety and stress.

I started a while ago to teach Art therapy and understood years ago what it means to colour, to deal with colours , via my day job as a designer. Understanding the colours and the way they make us feel, is not a light subject, and maybe via this wonderful art adult colouring books trend, it will be easy to understand for more people.

While teaching art therapy it became clear that colours are very important to people, probably more then they think or see. So I continue to dig deeper into the world of art therapy and did a course on Reiki and art therapy. It;s like a new world of possibilities open up and even I as a pro on colours understand it better.

I started to work a while ago on an adult colouring book that actually triggers the therapy part of the colouring. The way the elements are put together for example the water lily dress in the image above… it has a colour combination that is relaxing… green for the leaves that not only stands for HOPE , relation to nature and love and self -love. It symbolises also a balance of give and take. Because it sits in the middle of the colour wheel, it shows that it’s capable of a great visible balance.

The complementary colour is RED so the water lilies can be red or red related…..

I believe that by using to colour this page, with the corespondent colours, Green, white, red, etc…. to match reality it;s relaxing for the heart. Every colour is measured in Terahertz. GREEN for example,has a frequency of 580-530 thz.

The associated Chakra for Green is the Heart and the related organs are the Heart and the breasts. So, you see how colours are very important!

It;s also very important that when you colour, maybe try to escape and relax into a fantasy world of colours. Fact is you deal with reality all the time so it;s time to escape into a world of colour.

The image above is an escape into a world of fantasy. A cocktail glass with a landscape inside and a pack of fries with a lipstick in it. Have a giggle and relax! Life is short to be so serious! 

Or how about this one a funky sunflower crown portrait with funky waffle blueberry pendant earrings? So go crazy and colour!

Soon this book will be available as a PDF format. You ask why pdf? Well many reasons…. I did some research and some serious thinking how to publish , how to make is convenient for people. So here are my PROS for bringing it out as PDF format.

  • You can pick the paper you actually want to use, that way you can pick your medium easy as well.
  • So if you want to work in watercolour, most books can;t take water, because it will bleed on the other page and it will might be damaged
  • We all have in every book a favourite page and post of us start to colour that particular page! Well when it;s in a pdf format, you can reprint as many as you like and try to colour that same page in many other colours, building a series of the same piece.
  • You can frame it easy with out damaging a book.
  • It makes a great gift, if you want to give a single art piece to a loved one or a friend.
  • Another benefit is that you can change the size of the page and make it larger or smaller according to your needs
  •  I believe one more benefit would be to be able to colour online as well, if you would like to do that as well. It can be easily be transformed into a desktop background.

I know the CONS  would be that you need to print is first and that you can;t have it hand first, but once that love for colouring is there is should not be such a burden.


I will bring it out as a PDF first and if the demand is there I will bring out a limited edition version of it as a traditional book. But the limited edition one needs to be pre ordered! It will be available on the website in the shop section Books, Kits and Pattern.


What do you think about adult colouring books? Would you buy pdf or hand copy?







Lace is Art ….

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Lace is Art…. 

Lace has always been something you wear, or something you decorate your home with… well not anymore!

Lace is changing the environment and our world. Artist like NeSpoon change our grey world and make it fun! Please check out her work it is amazing.

So next time you think Graffiti, think detailed instigated lace work,  because NeSpoon left a mark on Warsaw, and the world. She made some sad parts of the city smile again.








PS: Two more thread introductions,  and the long awaited top ten threads will be uploaded soon!





Lion Brand Yarn…..

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If you read my blog, you have seen that I started testing quite a few yarn and thread brands and at the moment I am testing an interesting American Brand… Lion Brand Yarns


I was always wondering why, lion, well maybe because the  symbolic meaning of lions, as one might imagine, primarily deals with strength. The fact that it is a nocturnal creature means that the lion is a symbol of authority and command over subconscious thought (as night is an ancient symbol of the subconscious – or dream states) – The lion symbolises strength, courage and leadership. In one word Dharma. The roar is considered as one of voices of Goddess. A lion’s roar stops you, it is a terror that shakes you up and draws you into something beautiful.

So once you try LION BRAND YARNS , you might say heureka and stop looking for other brands….. But anyways it;s time to talk about the yarn that I test and not about speculating on the logo 🙂
In the image above you can see that I am wearing a scarf, using the Heartland  skein in mint grey. It worked great in crochet and RPL cord.
Ok let me put it that way…. When I was living in the US, and going to design school, I was using this particular brand of yarn. I always loved the cotton yarn and the variations they offered. Price wise it;s great as well, for every pocket.


The MANDALA is a very popular chose and it;s fun to work with, colourful and enough on one skein to make a great project.
I really had a great time testing out this type of yarn that you see above… Peaceful Earth is amazing, a fabulous soft yarn, in a wave curly thread and cozy for great winter and fall projects…. I really encourage you to try it out. It;s great for crochet and knitting, but really for RPL. – It works nice for the simple cord only.
The cotton 24/7 is one of the best cotton skeins they have and I can only recommend it.
So I can only encourage you to not only visit the website, but also to try they threads and yarns out.
If you did, please let me know how it went!


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