Ay mi Cuba…. Cuba Libre Para Siempre

Cuba, Cuba Libre, Para Siempre….

Since I can remember, Cuba was a place that I dream of, a constant source of inspiration, a place that makes me smile. I have never set foot on this gorgeous island and it;s a dream that I continue to dream….

It  made me so happy to hear that Cuba is free… as free as it can get. You wonder why I talk about Cuba on a lace making blog and an art blog…..

Let me tell you why!


Cuba is the inspiration for my next WIP fashion accessory collection ..so stay tuned and hopefully we can show you a little bit of Cuba here in Australia.

The pieces will be bold, colourful and inspired by the white ginger La Mariposa the national flower of Cuba!

And since it;s getting hot here Down Under, it;s time for a Mojito! Recipe here


Chao, ggod bye as a Cuban would say!






Lion Yarn Brands T-shirt yarn basket – Great Home Decor


T-shirt yarn basket Great Home Decor Basket 

Sometimes you simply need a cup of tea and one skein of T-shirt yarn and you are ready to crochet away!

This will be a gift basket for my mum. I purchased some yarn for her and want to presented in a nice way. So here we go three hours later.

I use for that Fast Track T-shirt yarn provided by Lion Brand Yarns – a fabulous brand that is in my Top ten threads and yarns !

Check it out if you have time.

Love the yarn. It;s flat, wide, the grey is divine and feels great on the skin. It will make a great basket.


And yes, you see write , my marker is a bobbin pin for the hair. Don;t laugh it;s easy to use not like the professional marker sometimes are hard to open. I am using a size 10mm crochet hook and if you hurry up so much to get it done in a few hours it;s better to tape your fingers! Blister alert!

And now I ma ready to go! Taped up no blister can build up! A few more rows to go and I am done! I am telling you this colour is divine! Lion Brand Yarns you rock!

The basket is 25 cm wide and 15 cm tall with a base of 15 x 15 cm in square. So one skein, makes a great size basket!


How long did it take you to make a basket?



Lorena and I


My favourite Art Supplies

My Fav Art Supplies 


When it comes to art, I think it;s best if you try a lot of different brands out and make sure your hands are getting used to a lot of different pencils, brushes, colours, etc…. Try, try , try and for an opinion.

I studied art and when you do that you kinda work with so many brands and in this time of learning you form your opinion on art supplies.

Being half German I guess it made it easier and I did not have to trial and arrow my way into the art supplies world! I grew up using Faber-Castell and Stabilo as well as Pelikan , etc…

The other half being Romanian I grew up colouring with colour wheels. In Eastern Europe it;s the way to go, and I can only recommend Koh- I-Noor Brand from CZ.


What are you fav art supplies?



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