Scentsy …. An adventure into Home Decor and Fragrances…..

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Have you heard of it? If not,  you will be going on this adventure with me! A short while ago I discovered by accident on social media , Facebook to be  exact Scentsy….. I wanted to see what is it all about! And boy was this a great day when Anna Kilvington an Independent Scentsy Consultant dropped an basket full of Scentsy goodies for me to try out.

From Baby to cleaning products, from body wash to wax melt bars and warmers…. After trying every product out I found a few that spoke to me….. Like this amazing Room Spray get it here. I had the luxury to try out White Tea & Cactus Room Spray.

Now I know what you will probably say… yup its just a room spray…. well I beg your pardon…… but it;s not. Not only that it;s amazing…. You spray it on your carpet in the evening , you go to bed and you wake up with the most amazing smell… It last almost two days and guess what I use it not only in the rooms! On no my friend , I use it to wake up and freshen up my lace pieces. It is truly amazing.




Now you know what I use the Room Spray for as well…. Let me know if you use Scentsy products and how!

Please check out her Facebook page, get in touch and see how Scentsy can make your home a greater place! I also ordered two wax melt bars, Lush Gardenia and Amazon Rain. These two are wonderful. Fresh and vibrant simply lifting up your home.

Now when it comes to  warmers, there are so many … take your time, have a tea or coffee and dive into the online shop. Well I have a warmer and could not wait to try out Lush Gardenia. It is amazing! I can tell you that I used two bars in one go and the smell lasted two days and I used it again and again. Two bars have been reused at least 4 times , so great bargain!

Also, if you look for Specials, check it out here. I am happy to have discovered Scentsy and these products  are part of my home.Thank you Anna for dropping them to my door!

What is your favourite Scentsy product?



Meet Parida…..

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Meet Parida….


Today’s Blog post is about a gorgeous young lady who will take the world by storm with her great embroidery  haute couture skills. I had  the honour to talk to her via Instagram. I admire her work and want you all to meet her! Please check her Instagram out! I am sure you will become a follower! She truly is amazing with skills to watch for all the fashion and couture houses around the world. A true painter with the needle!

I also follow her YouTube and Facebook! Check it out for amazing videos and updates. Keep in mind she learned form the best!  If Maison Lesage rings a bell you know she is the true deal!

So, please meet Parida…..

Who is Parida and how did you start ?

I was born and grew up in Thailand, and began my career in Bangkok in various fashion-related jobs. I came to live in the UK almost 15 years ago, to study at Vidal Sassoon as a Fashion Stylist in hair and makeup.  About 3 years ago, I shifted my focus. I  began at first by taking professional courses in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion and Central St. Martins.  It was there I first learned, and then fell in love with, Haute Couture/Art Embroidery.  I soon became more interested in  Art Embroidery as a form of artistic expression rather than just for use in fashion for decoration.  So next I went to Paris for most of a year to do the complete 8-level “Haute Couture Embroidery” professional course at Ecole Lesage, the leading embroidery atelier.  Since then, I have been using Art Embroidery as a creative medium to explore and express my own artistic ideas and visions.  As a spiritual person, I also find the intense focus and concentration required by Art Embroidery is literally “meditative”, and helps me achieve the mindfulness and serenity of being “completely in the moment”.

2) Why embroidery in today’s world of “Fast Fashion” ?

I have decided that personally, I pretty much now reject “fast fashion” and big brands as simply too much of a commercial merry-go-round.  I believe that a focus on classical design, craftsmanship, and quality is more satisfying, both in fashion and art.  My own personal fashion style has evolved to be a combination of tasteful classicism with a quirky personal touch. I believe each of us should endeavor to become our OWN “brand”, informed by our own taste and creativity in a way that expresses who we really are.  That gives us a “brand” that money can’t buy, that is unique, personal, and genuine.  And I take the same approach in my art.  First and foremost, it is about using and developing my skill to discover and express who I really am as a person.


3) What is your next project ?

My next major embroidery project will be “Bird Lady”, based on a painting I did in California and posted on Instagram last Spring.  Like most women today, I have a complicated and busy life with lots of responsibilities, so I have to work hard to set aside time for focus on my embroidery art.  “Bird Lady” will be my focus when I return to the US later this fall.

4) Who do you want to collaborate with in the future ?

My “dream” collaborators are Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, Pablo Picasso, and the 17th Century master embroiderers who worked in the Court of Louis XIV.  Of course, none of them are available right now anywhere but in my mind and imagination, but I try to keep learning from them and being inspired by them.  I also find I am spending more and more time in museums and galleries, trying to learn from the art of others that speaks to me personally, whether they be famous or unknown. And of course, I really admire the very special Art Embroidery work that the Taiwanese artist Chengyen Lee is doing in his atelier in Nantes, France.

5) Where do we find you on “social media” ?

At the moment, only on Instagram.  My embroidery art, and occasionally bits of fashion, appear at “Parida_Seredipity”;  my sketches, paintings,  and portraits appear at “Parida_Serendipity2”.  Next year, I hope to also launch a Blog/Website, and perhaps eventually a YouTube Channel of my own.




Modern Romanian Point Lace Collar

If you never heard of Romanian Point Lace, then Modern Romanian Point Lace must be a mystery to you…..

Modern Romanian Point Lace is pretty much not well known and I am trying to change it …. Long Road to go I guess.. <LOL> But you have to start somewhere!

Romanian Point Lace is an ancient lace making technique invented in Romania, Transylvania. It has been past on from mother to daughter for generations. This is the way I learned it not by books, files, laptops or written word. You watch as a child and observe how the needle weaves and dances on calico, around the threads and creates a web of designs and 3D elements that takes your breath away.. Traditionally in ecru, or beige, not these days with the boarders wide open and Romania being free access to all type of threads and freedom even Romanian Point Lace evolved. Yes it;s done in colour as well but this movement is just a toddler in compare to the power of the traditional point lace. The image below is a traditional RPL in ecru , traditional design and shape, with a centre embroidery element. Done on Aida cloth, with a traditional rose design.

If you are interested to learn this technique contact me or check out the workshops options here or the booklet here . We are based in Brisbane.

To create this collar , I used black cotton thread for the base, creating simple cord and the base for the embroidery. The embroidery pansy design is made with silk threads  by  DeVereYarn  The company is based in the UK but they ship worldwide. I have been ordering a few threads from them, different strengths and they are gorgeous to work with. They are amazing to embroider of course but also great to do fine lace or fine crochet.

One of my favourite  thread form the selection I purchased was the Lily, after that I had fun sewing with Forget me Not. Rose was a fine delight The others I did not use so far, but I am sure in a future project it will come up.

This piece is perfect for white  shirts, or the LBD ( Little Black Dress ) or a funky casual look . You can dress it up or down! Shop here. This piece is an original and not available in the same design. Similar pieces ca be created with different design and colours. Simply ask! 🙂

You can wear it high or low on the neckline. All is up to you and your style. This Silk Enchant Pansy Collar, is easy to care and to wear. It is large with a bold statement but light.


How would you style it up or down?





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