Sullivans …. have you hear of it? If not here is Sullivans Story….

Sullivans is based in Queensland, Australia. Sullivans is an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler. they provide an amazing range of Knitting and Crochet Range. I crochet a lot with Sullivans Crochet thread. They own branches in the USA and in New Zealand.

It;s a soft crochet thread that is fabulous to work with, in crochet, knitting and even tatting.


The necklace above is created using these two threads… Sapphire            

and Apricot.    

Two great colours and threads to work with, crochet, knitting,  cross stitch, and of course Romanian Point Lace.

Sullivans provides another range that is o favourite of mine!  The ROYAL RAYON CROCHET … this range is not cheap when you do a larger project but it;s fabulous to work with. I love OLD GOLD a 3PLY thread that is very antique looking.

How you work with Sullivans thread? IF not I can only recommend that you try it!











From one fine thread, a work of art is born…. Testing DMC Thread

 ‘From one fine thread, a work of art is born.’  Testing DMC Thread 

If you crochet, make lace, do tatting, this thread is a must or at least you heard of it  and you want to try it out. This thread is Made in France and it is one of the best in the world.I purchased this thread to create Romanian Point Lace. DMC in general stands for high quality and for great results.

We all talk about DMC …. but do you know what it stands for ? Since 1746 DOLLFUS-MIEG & Compagnie makes thread in France e voila DMC was born! They are true heroes  in the textile world and still provide the highest quality since they open the doors.

It is an amazing thread that I can only recommend. If you worked with it you understand the price. It is not cheap but it;s worth all the money you pay for it.

Jean – Henri DOLLFUS, Jean Jacques SCHMALZER, and Samuel KOECHLIN—were the  founders of DMC and the first to manufacture hand-painted Indian prints in Europe. A revolution in the textile industry in Europe. High quality threads and fine textiles were very well known in the East far China and India. ( Silk Road)

It is also fabulous to use for embroidery and lace knitting. It comes in many different sizes and colours galore!

If you are based in the USA here is the official website. If you visit DMC the Head Quarters on the first page you will be redirected to the country you are based.

Not only that they changed the world of threads and textile in Europe they changed the world of textile in general, by having John Mercer a chemist who experimented with thread and discovered that when you add caustic  soda to the thread, it makes it stronger and it gives the long lasting shine that we find today with all DMC products. Is that your AHA Moment?! That was mine when I found this gold piece of information at uni when I was studying Fashion Design. That is the understanding behind Mercerise cotton!

I was surprised to find that they have many location sites in Eastern Europe but not in Australia. Australia has such a high demand and love for DMC.

Like you can see in the example above it is fabulous for fine crochet and Romanian Point Lace. I purchased my DMC thread here .


It was a great experience and I am in love with the large colour range. If you never worked with this brand before try to purchase one floss or a small cotton pearl and give it a go!

The company is still today top thread when it comes to quality. There are only a few other brands like Romanofir who can compete with them. I will talk about them in another post.

With a tradition of over 270 years, I ruly believe you can give DMC a try if you have not by now! 

This fabulous brand is going into my top ten brands to work with! DMC you rock!





Lace and Stamps

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Lace and Stamps


I do not collect stamps even though I found them very interesting and the most interesting part was to see what other countries have as stamps.


I found some amazing examples of stamps from all over the world that actually celebrates lace makers, lace making and crochet. Unfortunately I never found an example from Romania, celebrating Romanian Point Lace, a sad moment since we are so famous for lace making.

Here are a few examples from Germany. 

There are many more countries that have great lace inspired stamps. I guess it;s a pride and identity moment once these stamps are released.

You send a postcard place a stamp on it and it goes around the world. It represents a part of your country shows value and beauty.

A cultural moment that is celebrated not only in lace making but also in introducing it around the world. Early advertising I guess.

Brazil has a long history on lace making and crochet, since the slavery time so I guess it;s quite natural that they have some stamps celebrating lace.











But what do you think about the stamps from Australia? Quite funky I guess to see the bobbin lace tools.   I love the stamp from France it’s so bold and so delicate.


This one from Hungary is amazing,  the Halasi  lace,  the colour and design is stunning. 

Spain of course has a lace stamp as well. A very traditional design with a fabulous pattern. Spain is very famous for bobbin lace.

So how do you see stamps now? Do you collect them?







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