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We are in 2016, so maybe a new wardrobe a new style is a good approach to start the year!

We at Ink & Lace like to introduce brands that are unique and beautiful… and so is PSA! You ask what PSA is…. ? Well PSA stands for Professional Style Academy.

Please meet Cindy Newstead.

1 Please introduce yourself/ company…. 

PSA doesn’t just teach you how to be a good stylist but ensures you will become an exceptional stylist. The head facilitator and director is one of the industry’s most successful and prolific personal stylists. Cindy Newstead has carried out over 6,500 personal consultations and is known as one of the early pioneers to bring personal fashion styling services to the everyday person.

Cindy Newstead
Cindy still actively works in her very successful independent style consultancy, Style with Cindy, She is out in the trenches consulting with 10 to 12 private clients a week, holds workshops, styles and runs fashion runways and as head stylist she guides her team of stylists everyday. This ensures you get relevant, proven strategies and techniques that work in the real world.
Cindy is the creator and presenter of Style Review runway, a Chadstone – The Fashion Capital’s ‘A’ list stylist, she is a published author of the book “You Are More Than Just Your Bits”which helps people through their style challenges and the emotional issues that surround our appearance. She is also a keynote speaker, styles celebrities, numerous media appearances and has trained and mentored hundreds of successful stylists. Early in her career Cindy trained and worked with style and image professionals around the world, has studied and is certified with two different colour systems and is an NLP Master Practitioner.
Having access to someone with this level of success and knowledge is invaluable.
PSA was launched in 2012, prompted by an industry that was becoming saturated with self-accredited, unprepared and inexperienced stylists.
The growing feedback Cindy received from store managers and sales staff about the increase of new stylists with poor skills was the driving force behind Cindy offering to impart all of her knowledge to help change this. It is her vision that with this academy, she wants to teach and inspire the next generation of stylists worldwide to ensure the integrity and growth of the industry and most importantly to ensure the delivery of this very beneficial and life changing service to the general public is at the highest level.

Lace…. How do you see it from your professional point of view?
 Lace does not date, it’s timeless, feminine and most females wear it at some stage in their life. Lace is so versatile!
What are the DOs and DONTs when it comes to lace?
These days lace is very popular so it can be worn all over or in separates as tops and bottoms.
Do’s and Don’ts
  • Wear a cami or slip underneath
  • avoid jewellery or hand bags that may catch on the lace
  • wear lace under a sheer blouse to add texture and interest
  • Lace can be worn casually or dressed up formally
  • mix lace with denim
  • white lace on white lace is extremely elegant
  • keep accessories simple
  • a midi skirt/dress in lace in very on trend
 Do you think lace lost it;s glory or status?
I think lace is like most fabrics, it trends in and out of fashion. There are always people who will love lace and wear it no matter what the trend
What makes lace in Queensland so popular?
Queenslanders love lace as it’s light if worn with a thin slip underneath. Also this is lovely on the upper body for women with upper arms issue as it provides a lightweight cover.
What do you think about the new trend of wearing lace with sports wear?
Interesting – personally I don’t love it but it does soften the look of sportswear for those who do like it.
Why is lace not for everybody?
I think everyone love a bit of lace – everyone won’t necessarily wear it though. This is mainly due to personal style. As this is a feminine look, this just won’t appeal to everyone to wear.
8. What do you think about lace accessories?
Lace accessories can be prettier on younger girls, especially in the hair! If a more mature lady is wearing a lace accessory, she needs to be very careful of what she teams it with so it doesn’t become tacky.
9. How can we find you online and what can we aspect when we book your service?
PSA logo-01
To become a fashion stylist, people can head to the academy website 
For men and women or all shapes and sizes looking to re-invent themselves or just to feel good in the body they’re in they can head to Cindy where we have a team of stylists nation-wide to assist them.
Thank you for the lovely interview! So now you know who to give a call, when you need a stylist! 

Merry Christmas

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Xmas star in frame


I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time! Enjoy the moments with each other, the good food, the drinks and if you are lucky enough the Snow

We down under will have a fabulous X-mas in the sun, with seafood, pork and the beautiful beach!

I hope all your X-mas cards have been posted and you can enjoy the moment! Stay warm!

DSCF9012 copy


Merry Christmas!





DIY Xmas tree decoration

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I am sure you are full on Christmas fever… and if not you will be now! If you are like me you do your tree LATE! Late coz you think you have time, and well you do! This is how I did it!

My tree is ready! E voilà!

There are two elements I added to my tree that you can do! First, we all have some plain flour and salt in the house,  right? Mix it all together – here is the  recipe

Once the dough is ready I used flower shapes cookie cutters to create decorative motifs for the tree. You can use what ever design you like. If you have xmas style cookie cutter, perfect! WP_20151213_13_28_16_Pro

Let them dry well, cool down and then you can paint them as I did. I used acrylic paint.

Make sure you make a hole for the thread to go through before you bake them!

You can keep them simple white if this is what you like, or you can press a doily on top of it and have an interesting motif. I pressed a traditional Romanian Point Lace design on top of the soft dough before placing it in the oven.

Have plenty spare just in care you burn some or some don;t come out right- just a tip for me. You don;t want to be short on that! It will delay your design and time!

Make sure you create different sizes so it will look great on the tree!


I made around ten different flower shape motifs and I have around five different sizes.

Once you are done with the salt dough Xmas decoration you can do something with the beloved oranges. Oranges are so very typical fro Christmas. Since I am living here in sunny Brisbane Australia, Christmas is not the same as I am used to in Europe. We are used to the smell of warm food and oranges, Gluhwein and and snow… Well I guess you can;t have it all and a X-mas at the beach is fun as well when you don;t freeze.

And now to my second DIY X-mas tree decoration. We had so many oranges left over and they dries a bit out- not much fun to eat.

I kept them in the fridge for a few days and took them out. I cut them into 1cm thick slices and placed them on a baking paper! Now this is crucial – if you skip this good luck taking them out from the tray – they will stick like crazy!

Turn your oven on on slow- around 100 and bake them fro 2-4 hours – turn them occasionally. Have a few spare just in case you burn a few! I sure will- LOL!

WP_20151213_13_59_25_Pro Now, when they burn a but it has a nice red glow, but the problem is it;s not even like you see in the image. If it would you could use them in the tree they look amazing in the evening when your tree is full with lights.

Once your oranges are dry, use a needle to make a whole into the edge of the slice and pull a thread through. I used a green Valdani thread but any other brand will do. I used green so it;s covered and it looks like the oranges are in the air. It has a nice effect!

Cut the tread to the length you need. I cut around 15 cm.

WP_20151213_13_04_57_ProMake sure you select the best orange slices for the tree.  You can use the other slices to decorate a candle or place them in jars with other element to create a beautiful table decoration! WP_20151213_13_08_20_Pro Now you are ready to decorate the tree. Make sure you have enough! I made around 30 and 15 will go on the tree. Keep in mind I burned 6!

I hope you have some fun with the oranges. Show me your Xmas tree when it;s ready! I would love to see your DIY X-Mas decoration and if you tried these ideas out share the picture with me on my Facebook page!

Happy Decoration!

PS: Since I do lace, point lace, it was clear to me that I had to add some Romanian Point Lace to the tree, so I had to crochet some balls, and add on top RPL elements. If you look close into the images you will find them.


And here is my tiny Christmas Tree!
















WP_20151214_10_10_00_Pro Sight_2015_12_15_215900_612







Another short PS:!

If you need a funky and fun tree and you really are out of ideas but want to be unique, I suggest a yarn skein tree! Use shiny skeins and top them up in the shape of the X-mas tree!

A simple unique way to have fun in the office or even at home! This tree is in my office.





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