Lace & Ironing….

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Lace and ironing is a delicate combination…. Let’s jump right into the subject!



Once you finish your lace and have it washed, you need to iron it. This is how I do  it.

I dry my lace between two towels , or on one towel. Press it gently in and roll the towel ( if you use only one)

Open it up again and leave it flat, neatly. Now turn the iron on and put it on delicate/ silk steam.

I always turn the garment , lace piece, inside out.

Now in this case it;s not possible because of the 3D designs! So what you need to do is put the iron on steam and use a damp towel or fabric. I love to use a towel because it;s thicker and you can steam iron your design better. WP_20150911_12_46_55_Pro

Run the iron gentle on top of the towel and check regularly if your lace is doing well.

Make sure that your piece is blocked, stretched. If you have a 3D design be careful not to press the design down. Too much steam can damage. If you have a dress like me, make sure you place a piece of fabric or towel in between the lace pieces ( front /back).

Take the towel away, and check the lace. Stretch it carefully if necessary.




Let it dry naturally and do not rush the process. I dry them flat or on a hanger, all depending on the weight. This is how I care for my lace pieces. What is your secret?


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PS: Never place your lace in the wash machine or the dryer! I know every wash machine is very sophisticated these days and have extra hand wash or delicate buttons that you can press blah, blah…. BUT, you need to keep in mind that even the low spinning can cause damage to your lace.



A Romanian Point Lace Easter ….

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It’s again Easter and time is flying when you have a little one. I did not do much this time just a few traditional coloured eggs in onion shells and red berry tea.

My egg design is more abstract. I was getting bored with simple colours and wanted an eye catcher on the table.




I love the reddish terracotta colour blend and the shine of the egg.  I feel that if you do want to colour eggs, keep it natural. And by that I mean use natural dying techniques and products from nature like onion shells, beetroot, teas, etc….

I embellished the eggs with grass, leaves, thread, romanian point lace pieces and wrapped it in a sheer stocking. Letting it boil for quite some time adding simple vinegar to make the colour stick.


Once it;s boiled I let it cool in its warp and cut the eggs out of it;s wrapping. Taking carefully all the elements away from it, place the eggs in a bowl and make them shine with lard. Keep it authentic!

How are you celebrating Easter?



We at Ink & Lace wish you a fabulous lacy Happy Easter!





A Point Lace Story

Creating unique jewellery is not only original but truly a pleasure. Knowing that you design something that one person will wear is satisfying and gives a busy of energy.

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This is how the story of the jewellery line started inspired by Romanian point lace. The idea of creating bold colourful statement pieces but with a lightweight is challenging fun.


The piece below is inspired by the 1920s vintage buttons and in neon colours and a touch of beige.


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