Je suis Paris, Je suis France

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This morning we woke up to horrible news…. again France has to deal with terror attacks, bombs and mad people with only one goal in life to kill, innocent people who enjoy every moment in life…

I go to a cafe , a bistro, I like to go to a concert, maybe a soccer game as well… Do I deserve to die because I have a different way of life?



These is a new # in the social media #not in my name…. well, dear Muslims this is not enough! But finally something!

You all claim your religion is peaceful, really … how come people from your religion terrorize the world????

I know what you will say…. well not all are like that! Well, to bad at this point because this is not a single case! It;s adding up! Week by week there is another horrible event that is making us sad, angry and numb!

Interesting how the number of refugees stormed into Europe and suddenly we have a big terror attack! In a few hours normal people who had nothing to do with politics lost their lives … and for what?


We just returned from Europe and I enjoyed every moment. I hate to see my beloved continent in tears, in pain and suffering….

So yes, I say #jesuisparis, #jesuisfrance…… You can bomb and terrorize, but France will never let you get away with it! This country is the home of #freedom, the home of Liberté, égalité, fraternité  never forget that! 



BaleaRaitzART French Breakfast






PS: We at Ink & Lace support Paris and France!

RPL by Sefaelsu_dantel_anglez

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Today I want to share with you a few Romanian Point Lace designs created by Sefaelsu_dantel_anglez.
These designs are stunning.
I love the unique shape and motives.
This is truly unique, since it includes embroidery as well.
If you like to see more RPL designs, feel free to follow her on Instagram,

– See more at:

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