DMC has always been special, from embroidery to crochet thread , all is Crème de la Crème. After a long history of threads, colours, and kits, DMC did something special…. BUT!

This Golden Skein collector’s edition features 24 carat gold wash and is crafted by hand in our factory in Mulhouse, France. 17,460 Golden Skeins are available throughout the world, each are individually numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. Each luxury box features embossing on the top, gold leaf, and is covered with a light matte film for longevity. Each box is sealed with tape, hand-knotted and packed by hand.( DMC WEBSITE)

This is a nice idea, BUT, even with a massive discount, I find it very expensive. The full price, $115 , well excuse me…. even your discount $40 is simply #nuts!

I create jewellery with embroidery and lace, so how much will the end piece be, if one floss cost $40? Simply insane, specially if you think about that it’s a wash gold……

So no deal for me!

Let me know, would you buy it?









Romanian Point Lace Trends

When you think about an antique lace making technique like Crochet, Irish Lace, Battenburg, etc…. it is very important to not only keep the craft going and to pass it on. It is crucial to evolve and update it, including different techniques, threads, colours, volume , shape and sizes as well as purpose and function of the lace.


Irish Crochet has deep roots in using fine hooks and ecru, beige, white and cream threads but a lot has change from its humble beginning. Colours popped in, different thread types and hook sizes changed. Beads have been introduce as well as transforming shapes. The traditional Irish lace is still very popular and strong but modern Irish lace is catching up more and more….

If you want to know more about traditional Irish Crochet lace , find out more here from Larisa Chilton an amazing Irish Crochet teacher and maker. She  will be able to help you out, guide you and teach you.

When it comes to  Romanian Point Lace its a bit different. The traditional Romanian Point Lace is very stubborn, or at least most Romanian Point Lace makers. From personal experience I have seen that they can’t seem to understand that this lace as beautiful as it is needs not only to breath and extend it needs to be seen and it will not be seen if we do not change our minds on the subject. We as lace makers need to be open minded to introducing colours… and it finally happens a bit, – ( Fabulous to see HURRA!) but most Romanian Point Lace makers still produce the same pattern in the shape design and pattern again and again and placing it in the same spot- the furniture! Well this is not enough anymore!



In the image above you can see how traditional Romanian Point Lace is used. This is a traditional design in colour, shape, size, function. Now you can do way more with this…. Smaller pieces like the image below, can be used as funky place mats.

Now the next step how RPL got its  transformation, was when dye was introduced. Like in this image below. Natural dye like here – Turmeric


After natural dye,  even though it was not proper! Coloured thread was introduced by the early 2000.


I am trying to introduce into this tight world of Romanian Point Lace a new way of lace making that can maybe open the way for a new generation of lace makers. This new generation might be interested in Romanian Point Lace in a traditional and new way. It is important that we keep ancient craft alive but we need to make it attractive to younger people today. They will not look twice if the lace is a doily… sadly this is the truth and not many can face it.

So this is what I am rooting for… make lace , keep an ancient craft like  Romanian Point Lace alive BUT wearable,  make it fashionable. And yes, I am aware that might not be every bodies cup of tea, but c’est la vie!

I am introducing colours, 3D , volume, and make it wearable. Put it to a good use and take your lace for a walk.

Not only that the pieces are wearable, they are large, bold and make a statement, so is the idea behind Romanian Point Lace making a statement.

Please let me know how you feel about!

Where do you see the trends going when it comes to Romanian Point Lace?




TBT Throwback Thursday

TBT aka Throwback Thursday….

We all know how time flies and I guess TBT – better known as Throwback Thursday reminds us so well how life goes by…. Years go by, social media changes, family grows, business goes up and down , etc….

Who actually invented #TBT , well this is a big mystery like the Bermudas I guess…

This is what Google said about… TBT

So pinpointing the true first #tbt post is tricky. Looking at Google Trends, though, it seems people started looking up Throwback Thursday more regularly in February 2012, and since then, interest in the hashtag game has increased substantially.May 30, 2013

What are your most memorable TBT?


This TBT , well a trip home… to Germany. Another TBT is dear to my heart like this one….

My Little one wearing a traditional Romanian Outfit…. All these memories stay with us TBT or not TBT….. What do you do with these type of memories…? You cherish them and you keep them in your soul, heart and mind….

Or this my teaching carrier started here in Brisbane, Australia.

What is your best or memorable TBT?













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