My Romanian Point Lace Bucket List…..

My Romanian Point Lace Bucket List…..



Hmmmm bucket list…..


Do you have a bucket list? I never really thought about bucket lists or stuff that I actually want to do!  Scary? Hell yes! I feel like time is slipping between my fingers and there is so much stuff I need to do and learn when it comes to Romanian Point Lace or anything else!

Do you feel the same? Did it ever crossed your mind, that you need to make a bucket list for craft?

Oh well here is mine!

Learn more Romanian Point Lace stitches and fillings

Create more unique designs

Do more research on the early Romanian Point Lace pieces.

Design new cords!

Take Romanian Point Lace to a new level! Make it more popular and known!

Introduce more designs that include, Embroidery!

Research on more thread brands that work for RPL!

Finish the lace pieces yous started! LOL … Such a drag sometimes! ( I start many projects at the same time! How about you?)

Frame all your large Romanian Point Lace pieces!


Do you have a bucket list?



My top ten Thread Brands

My top ten thread brands…..


I have worked with many threads and yarns in my life so far on a professional level and in private. I came across threads and yarns  the went straight in the bin to thread that I started to appreciate and to collect.

This post is a work in progress and and it started in January when I started to think about threads that I love and threads that I stay away from! Today I want to share with you my top ten threads to work with. These brands, are perfect for lace makers, crochet lovers, knitters, tatting friends and so much more….

The main reason for  creating this top ten was to show people who love to create Romanian Point Lace that there are many brands that you can try out to create wonderful lace.

Drum rolls! Here they are!












I want to thank those brands who supplied me with gorgeous threads and yarns for me to test! Thank you very much it, was a pleasure, to work with all of you and to introduce your products to the followers, and new readers who are interested to learn something new.

Do you have a favourite thread brand?






Performance thread …. Introducing a brand from Bulgaria


Have you heard of Performance? If not you can find out more about this beautiful company here Coming from Eastern Europe I grew up with it and love it. They have an amazing colourful range that covers lace makers, knitting enthusiasts, crochet lovers and tatting junkies….. It is also perfect for creating Romanian Point Lace.

The quality is amazing and very fine. You find threads in almost all sizes and to me it can compete with the big brands like DMC. It is a fracture of the price but you do not feel cuts in the quality.

To create Romanian Point Lace or Irish Crochet lace I recommend Cotton legacy Classy Cotton , Cotton FreedomCotton Precious ( traditionally it can be used for Romanian Point Lace !) and Cotton Harmony

If you never worked with this brand before you should give it a go! It;s really a great brand. I am not paid by Performance to write that I am testing threads and the threads that I love I write about. This one will definitely go into my top ten threads to work with.

Most skeins come in 50 gr and 100 gr sizes from this company. I have not seen these in shops here in Australia or in the US where I was living for a while, but you can purchase it direct form the source.




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