A Brissy Girl….


A Brissy Girl 


Today something different. I live in Brisbane and I love it. Tropical, fun, warm, colourful and always with a smile on the lips. That is Brisbane and so are the people. Meet TheBrisbaneGirl …  a fashionable, smart, chic fashion blogger, that knows this relaxed city and presents it to the world. Marie Hillard, puts Australian Style on the fashion map….

It was time to swing the brush and illustrate again….. Please check out her Instagram you will not regret it, trust me!


This way, you will discover, true Brisbane style, fashion, and sense of chic relaxation! Go Brissy go!


Happy Fashionable Weekend !



Inspiration is Key

Inspiration is Key ….


And when you think you find inspiration in the most simple common things on earth, I bet you never looked at a key. For every project, Inspiration is key….

Have you ever paid attention to the simplicity of a key that opens a chamber? Have a look at these keys that are a mystery, a key to opening a secret, or door that opens your universe to a completely new idea…. these keys are vintage, old, handmade and lead  my mind to think about French doors, lifestyle and elegant fashion. They give inspiration to Romanian Point Lace Designs and to lace making. Motives that can be moved in repetitive positions, or one design.


The way the iron is forged, elegant and in line, curved from hot to freezing cold, warming in hands, this is how the cord, forms on the calico in elegant , organic shapes, that give birth to a design to stay. Maybe even a touch of embroidery if gold or silver is added to the key…. The possibilities are endless.

And once you have the key as inspiration, the thread is following like the devil in the dark , so escape from it. A sweet pleasure to pick and try… Like the forbidden fruits.

What precious thread will be transformed into a precious design ? Only you are the key to that!


Is it the powerful, Amethyst, the fabulous  Jade, etc…. ? Make it happen because Inspiration is the key….. 


What is your inspiration?




PS: Hope inspiration is your key….


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