Ito means String or, thread , yarn in Japanese a cleaver name for a fabulous brand that stands out in the world of yarns and threads. If you never heard of them now it;s time to discover them! They are stunning. I received a few different threads to test out from paper thread, to steel blends and pure silk, etc…

I am intrigued by the quality and the fine design of the paper that it holds the information on. Strong to hold the cone and elegant fine that it almost not touching the thread. ITO  is brand to stay in the market of yarns. Is makes a mark in quality and style. Please visit the website and check out the free pattern the varieties of colours, inside brands, yarns  , needles, etc…

I received beautiful blends and fabulous colours. I started to experiment with Serishin Silk Colour  Marsala and created a Romanian Point Lace Design. My goal is to find out what other type of threads and yarns work for Romanian Point Lace to give Romanian Point Lace lovers more options. Cotton is great and traditional, but there must be something else out there for this ancient lace and I believe to have found it in ITO brand.

Serishin is a luxurious silk yarn with a tremendous sheen and structure. It hold together great an is not weak. Marsala is soft and has a fabulous feeling while working with it. The colour is stunning and vibrant. Great on the skin and I can say that I would use it for lace making, clothing. This brand is also good for crochet and knitting. Its a fluid thread that creates a great crochet or knit fabric. A luxury and privilege to create with.

At the moment I am working on other projects using the other cones of threads received. I am exited to try out mixing the stainless steel TETSU.

The silk and Stainless steel can be formed and create a fabulous design. I believe that it makes a great Romanian Lace as well as great for knitting.
If you work with this brand before, please let me know, I am very interested in your opinion.

What makes this brand so great, is that it;s placed on a cone.

So make sure you stay tuned to the updates.






How to block Romanian Point Lace

How to block Romanian Point Lace

Blocking is the basic right of any handmade item from crochet  to knit and lace…. exceptions of blocking are embroidered pieces.

When you block a finished piece you need to do a few steps before. In the crochet area you, wash it and block it on a mat. When  it comes to Romanian Point Lace, you, can wash it or you can spray it down and put it into shape in a gentile form on a fabric piece or mat. You can pin it down on the foam mat and leave it to dry or you can iron it on the other side while it is still on attached to the calico.

The reason why I do not iron the lace piece on the back is first of all it makes it harder later on to take all the sewing thread out of the cord. If you look closer to the vintage Romanian Point Lace Doilies , you can find traces of lace stuck in the cord. It was getting so difficult to  pull it out that at some point I try to figure out a different method.

My method is to take it off, clean it from all the thread, wash is gentile and pin to to the mat.

If you try to block your Romanian Point Lace, feel free to share it with me.

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All that BUZZ…..Vogue India !

All that Buzz….. Vogue India!


When it comes to Vogue, it;s to me the top magazine to report fashion, show trends and introduce you to unique editorials, as well as show you some fashionable cultural gems. Vogue in general is quick, and recognisable not only in the US, Europe or Australia. It is a true Icon in Japan, India, Brazil, etc….

As much as I find Kendall Jenner a true beauty and a nice looking model but with great connections not to have started like all super models from the scratch, she found her way to the top and does a great job. I also understand it;s hard to say no to Vogue!

But it was not her place to be on the 10th Vogue India Cover. Do not get me wrong the images are amazing. Stunning beauty shoot by the fantastic Mario Testino, but morally just wrong!

Well if it;s an Indian Affair, how about an Indian Model on it or a Bollywood actress framed on the cover, Maybe not with the cliche  Aishwarya Rai but go with an Indian woman to represent India. It;s a milestone to survive a magazine 10 years in this fast digital world of fashion so be proud and show a true Indian Beauty not a “white ” western beauty!

Why not put on the cover true Indian fashion icons and I am not talking about the Bollywood industry that is over flowing with beautiful actresses, put Neelam Gill or Pooja Mor , Ujjwala RautMonikangana DuttaLakshmi Menon, etc… all great international models with great reputation and Indian Roots.

How do we explain a little girl in India that dreams about becoming a model or needs a role model from her own country that Kendall Jenner is the way to go?

How do we tell her you need to be white to make it?


At least the location of the photo shoot is in India, gorgeous Jaipur!  And since we talk about Indian Fashion, at least she could have put something traditional Indian on her at least for the cover, to show that she embraces the culture and the traditional ways.

Again, please do not comment that I do not like Kendall , its BS. She is a young naive girl that gets a heads start in life due to her name and family,  But after that she tries to prove herself to stand strong in an industry that can shakes you up an can toss you into the garbage bin in a minute. She has all the right attributes to be a model, tall , young, sexy, somehow unique, savvy a money maker  and in the right place at the right time.

Vogue India, #shame! I was expecting more! But I guess when you have to F UP, you do it with the best!





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