Maidens …..

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I had the pleasure to be part of a great photo shoot inspired by the Medieval time… So feel free to enjoy one of the latest collection Maidens.

Collaborations with

Photographer: Evocative Light 

Makeup: Neeka Dewar of Dewy Beauty

Hair: Kitty Dann of VonKat

 Accessories: Ink & Lace by Lorena Balea-Raitz

Red, Green and Silver Gowns: Little Red Lantern

Models: Karina Monaghan, Kyali Bennetts Model,

Ruby Grace Barker

Dogs: Odin and Nirvana from Wolflings







All the designs are handmade and one of a  kind.You can hurry up a grab one or,

you can custom order one design.

If you want to have a look, please visit the

shop here.





Polar Star Dress

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Polar Star Dress

Fashion is such a delicate, sometimes funky and impulsive thing with a touch of surprise. And with the words of Tim Gunn: “Make it Work!” This is exactly what Tatiana Sheverda did! She created a fabulous Polar Star Dress.

90 simple white plastic bags were about to be transformed into this gorgeous dress!



Collect, cut and create strings,…. and start knitting!


Knitting is actually quite fast, and knitting plastic is not only fun but also it gives shape and the panels are to be connected to create the cut. To keep the panels into shape Tatiana treated them with heat from an iron.

E voila… the Polar Star Dress…. Innovative and Made in Australia! 


So please if you want to see more funky designs or even order one , check her Facebook out and Instagram! I am a follower and always exited to see more designs from her ! Love the Polar Star Dress!





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